This webpage provides information about Temple Beth Shalom's newsletters, upcoming events and the calendar of events and activities for the current year. The newsletter and upcoming events are posted on the website each month.

2018-2019 Calendar

2018-2019 Calendar (1 pg, 61k, PDF)

Upcoming Events

May 2019:
 31st at 7:30pm Friday night services

June 2019:
 1st at 10:00am Saturday morning services
 2nd at 10:00am Sunday School - End of Year Party

 8th at 7:30pm Erev Shavuot Service (Sat.)


June 2019 (12 pp, 1.0M, PDF)
May 2019 (13 pp, 1.2M, PDF)
April 2019 (14 pp, 2.0M, PDF)
March 2019 (14 pp, 1.5M, PDF)
February 2019 (14 pp, 1.5M, PDF)
January 2019 (12 pp, 1.0M, PDF)
December 2018 (12 pp, 1.1M, PDF)
November 2018 (13 pp, 2.7M, PDF)
October 2018 (13 pp, 1.0M, PDF)
September 2018 (13 pp, 1.0M, PDF)
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March 2018 (13 pp, 1.9M, PDF)
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January 2018 (11 pp, 1.2M, PDF)

TBS Membership Applications

TBS Membership Application (Word)
TBS Membership Application (PDF)

TBS Sunday School Application (Word)
TBS Sunday School Application (PDF)

TBS Affiliate Membership Application (Word)
TBS Affiliate Membership Application (PDF)